About Faceifi.

"Why can't I find out more about the people I see in photographs?"

That was the simple question that inspired Faceifi.

You can use Faceifi to discover new people using just a photo and create a profile yourself so that others can discover you. Search faces in photographs online or straight from your camera. Why? Because it's good to get to know people and see what makes them tick.

Faceifi is an opt-in platform. We’re big on privacy and security. If you want to decide where your face takes people, this is for you. Link to your social media accounts, your website, your blog… or anywhere you like online.

Have your most identifiable feature say something about you with Faceifi

Who works on Faceifi?

Faceifi is a Ground Six business. It is led by the team above and influenced by the Ground Six Board of Directors.

Martin Stanley

Product Lead

David Haigh

Design & UX

Simon Tapson


Harry Lawrence

Development (iOS)

Lewis Baker

Development (Android)

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